finding my family

The Prompt: Write about being friends with someone.

I’ve made a new friend recently.

It’s one of those organic friendships that just…happens.

We are coworkers, and we just kind of get each other if that makes sense…It has been really nice working together, because I don’t know what all she’s going through, and she doesn’t know my full story – but we have talked enough to understand we have some of the same social fears.

Ill admit – I think she does a hell of a lot better than I do at facing some of these fears, but, I have been looking up to her for a few weeks now.

I can put a lot of my defense mechanisms down around her because she gets it… I can’t really explain…It’s just easy to talk to someone who you know you can trust…That…that feels like an obvious statement…anyway…

I am getting more into the idea of this found family thing, and she kind of feels like a sister to me, like, the kind you get along with! I don’t know that we will ever even hang out outside of work, but as I am learning to navigate my own boundaries and friendships, I know I that isn’t what I need.

I think I am learning how to have more than two friends!


finger guns


  1. Friends are hard to come by (weird you posted this post…I’m writing something similar but not done with it yet). I think it’s great you found someone at work that “gets you”. It makes your work a little more enjoyable. I hear “work husband/wive” so why not a work sister? I hope this friendship continues….

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