Obsessive Creativity

Ten years ago, I spent an entire summer capturing the beauty of sunsets through time-lapse videos. Admittedly, I’m using the term capturing very loosely here. The quality of my videos was not great to say the least. I used the built-in time-lapse function on my Sony Handycam and a shaky tripod that was held together by duct tape. While I was clearly no Spielberg, the memories of those nights spent in my backyard, captivated by the magic of the sunset, remain vivid in my mind.

I miss those days of obsessive creativity. I always embraced the opportunity to try and fail, knowing that there is always a lesson to be learned.

As I look back on all of my unfinished or half-started projects, I see them as pieces of a puzzle that when put together, show the growth and development of my creativity.

I’m not sure exactly how it all fits together yet, but I’m excited to discover the next lesson that awaits me.

Featured Image: Photo by Miki Fath on Unsplash


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