• Resentment and helpless self-help
    I came out four years ago and it was the highest high I’ve ever felt, but now it feels like the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. Sure, I wasn’t the least bit happy, but I was only embarrassed of myself on the inside, and unhealthy as it might have been, I was far better at repressing than I am at expressing.
  • Rough Monday
    I was lying in bed trying to sleep and I needed to […]
  • Mental health and parenting
    I didn’t know how to differentiate between someone who wanted to help me, and someone who wanted to help me be more tolerable to them.
  • Getting help for ADHD
    The first time I legitimately tried to get help, I took some bold steps but ended up landing flat on my face.
  • Obsessive Creativity
    I’m not sure exactly how it all fits together yet, but I’m excited to discover the next lesson that awaits me.
  • 30-ish and Quitting Smoking
    Throughout my twenties I always told myself it’s fine, just quit before […]
  • Goodbye 2022
    I have the tools in my toolbox that I need to be successful, and though I don’t have the instructions, a little sweat and creativity should be enough to guide me in the dark.
  • Thank a teacher
    “I don’t want you to feel bad about your score, I will help you with that! May I ask why you feel like you can’t do this?”
  • I’m 30, now what?
    Life has been a dumpster fire and for some stupid reason I was afraid of turning 30
  • Happy Holidays
    Lone wolfing it seemed scary during the holidays, but now things are making more sense.
  • Coding in the dark.
    Learning how to make stuff on computers has helped my mental health
  • Revisiting my holiday
    re-write of Happy Holidays This was my first holiday season alone.  I […]
  • finding my family
    …It’s just easy to talk to someone who you know you can trust…